These photos are taken with my Canon 100mm 2.8f macro lens.


Photography - On The Fly
This macro photo was taken of a flower fly, hovering over a flower the size of a quarter. I took this photo while squatting on the ground without a tripod, firing off multiple shots and managed to capture this in perfect focus.
This is a zoomed in shot of my dogs eye, i loved the flow of her brindle fur, and its resemblance to the eye of a storm.
While searching for things to photo with my macro lens, I came across this flower, that had a great example of color and pattern.
This photo is the best macro that my 24-105 L lens had to offer. Most flower photos I take, are meant to take advantage of the colors, and how they relate to each other.
While experimenting with objects, I noticed the similarities of a small windmill i had, and a dancer.