This consists of both the 2D and 3D digital animations that I have created.

Discovered – Episode 2

This was my first animation created in 3D, using the program Lightwave 11. The movie was for a class project, where while studying the program, I was able to create and render the movie within 2 months.

The story line revolves around Morph, an alien who crashes his ship into the waters next to an island. He managed to escape the wreck onto the island, where he breaks into an empty house where he falls asleep. This movie begins with a helicopter waking him up the next morning, when he walk to the door, and escapes. But stranded on an alien world is only the beginning of Morphs issues.

Reflected Experiences

This animation short is a multiple perspective on living in our over stimulating culture with A.D.D.
In the inner scenes, you see the interactions between distracting impulses. The external scenes were done with multiple exposure video, to reflect the day to day repetition of living with these interactions.


Arctic Climb

This is a flash movie I created for my Motion and Interaction class. I created it in Adobe Flash and did all of it using frame-by-frame animations instead of using program effects to move the figures. When we started the assignment, we were assigned two locations, and two actions at random. The ones I received were desert or Antarctica and running up stairs or dancing. The storyboard I drew was of a monster I designed, running up mountainous stairs in Antarctica, to get what’s at the top. Our professor instructed us to have our movies form a loop, so I knew I was going to have to get the monster back down to the start, to begin again. To solve this I decided to have him activate a booby-trap to explode him back to the beginning.


Arena Fight

For my second major project, I put focus on textures and architecture. When I was younger, I designed and built gaming levels for a computer game, so the influence behind this arena was to go back to those roots. I also used this as an opportunity to learn cloth, wind, and gravity effects, to have banners blowing from the wind.