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The concept for this piece was to use perspective to re-construct 2 dimensional photographs into a 3 dimensional constructed space within the frame of a photograph. This Project had been a giant experiment in using perspective to trick the mind into seeing what’s not really there. To create this, I had to cut up each element of my living room, by taking photographs, then cutting each element out in Adobe Photoshop. The hidden parts of the section’s were then filled in and printed out. Construction of the scene was on an artificial stage I built, where I spent weeks framing the shot, arranging the pieces into position, and the re-photographing the images that didn’t work or line up. The project evolved as I added new pieces, and altering existing ones, until the 2D arranged photos gave the illusion of real depth. My original inspiration for this project, started by thinking about a popup book, and how it used a 2 dimensional print, and arrange it in a 3 dimensional space.

Shoot 1 Image 1
This is the original photo that all the photo elements of the project, were derived from.
Shoot 2 Image 7
The pieces were arranged on my table, until the perspective was lined up.
Shoot 4 Image 1
To recreate the living room, I needed to create a stage with controlled lighting.
Shoot 6 Image 2
Top down shot of the photo on the cover, in this you can see what the scene looks like from a different perspective, breaking its illusion.
Shoot 7 Image 1
One of the final shots that was taken after the stage photos, was done by making the scene mobile, and bringing it to locations. This photo was taken in the trunk of a tree, outdoors with natural lighting.
Shoot 7 Image 3
This photo was my original concept when developing this project, the idea was to be able to use photography to build a scene at the water front.