Here is a collection of films that I have created and or worked on.


Highlights reel of my work

I compiled this video in order to showcase the highlights from my work.


Oswego Chamber of Commerce Promotional Video

I created this video as an internship for the Oswego-Futlon chamber of commerce, with the purpose of displaying Oswego to bring in new businesses and investors.


Life Of Mark

This was a project for my class where I was to create a film bumper. I decided to create an opening for a movie, where I filmed and edited everything, finally adding graphics. This was my first movie made using Adobe After Effects.


Don’t Look – 24 Hour Film Festival

For this movie, I was invited into a group as the film editor, for a 48 hour horror film festival. In this I did all the editing, but for the second part, I did the writing, directing, and camera work as well. Unfortunately the last shot was unusable, so the scene ended without the last shock.